Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is why...

... I am the favorite Aunt.

Loved having Kemper, Joseph, Avy, and Sadie with us for a couple weeks!!

Together again.  We always seem to find the smallest corner in the house to squeeze into.  We love being near each other.  (Dad, mom kissing Sadie, and Kemper)

Their new pajamas say it all, "Wild for Auntie".  I painted a jungle scene a corner of my bedroom.  They loved it!
(Avannie and Sadie)

In another corner I painted a castle.  Her is a sleeping beauty.  She doesn't seem to feel the pea under her mattress.

Playing dolls underneath of the stove in the kitchen.  Notice all the pots and pans are pushed to the back for the house in the front? (Avannie and Amy)

Sadie's favorite activity - riding in the red wagon.  Avy wants some of the action too.
(Avy, Amy, and Sadie)

Together we ran around the kitchen bar, the couches, between chairs, and all around.  Loved it!
(Sadie and Avy, mom in background)

Avy wanted part of the action going on downstairs but she had to go to bed.  We found her asleep on just inside the door near the banister overlooking the family below.  So cute.

Avy as an exotic dancer.  Remember this Keni?

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