Sunday, January 27, 2013

Keni Got Mar'ed

Michael Althouse + Keni Stuart
Sealed together as husband and wife for all eternity,
January 17, 2013,
in the Bountiful Utah LDS Temple

So happy that I could be part of the celebration!  I love Michael and I am so happy that he is part of our family now.  Great job Keni for finding a great guy that we all love too.

I was asked to be the wedding decorator.  I spent several hundred dollars on vases, lanterns, fabric, sticks, moss and gathered lots of other supplies.  Thanks to Kemper, mom, and Aunt Andy for making this wedding beautiful!!  However, I did learn some lessons along the way... next time, I won't say 'yes' to decorating another wedding unless it is my own.

(More pictures to come, the professional ones)

The happy couple.  Wedding announcement picture.

The reception hall prior to the wedding

Sticks from Keni's peach trees + Pinecones on sale after Christmas + Wood boxes from Kemp's wedding + Moss balls made by Kemper and mom + Lanterns from Ikea + Fake candles + Fabric squares and burlap + ANDY'S TOUCH = Lovely Centerpieces!

We literally came up with the backdrop idea the night before we decorated.  Turned out good if you asked me.

Serving table and decorations.  Keni wanted COOKIES and MILK for refreshments.  Friends and family made cookies and we bought 20 gallons of milk.  Easy peasy, cheap, and yummy too!

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