Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Korea

Ready for the holidays.  Simple.  Cause I've got nothing else.
Another make-shift Christmas tree.  This one is actually alive though, as oppsed to last Christmas (view here).
I had to use stakes to hold up the three ornaments in the tree.
Aaron and I played the special role of Mary and Joseph for our branch nativity.
Fooled ya - there is no baby Jesus, or any baby at all, in that blanket I'm holding.
But it was a very special evening.  And I was so happy to share it with my love.
Baking mini loaf for the soldiers.  Banana Bread and Double Chocolate flavor.
Aaron was so excited to package the loafs with a spritz cookie.  His grandma's recipe.

His Christmas tradition - Monopoly.
And he schooled me.  Old Mr. Potter takes the whole town.
Christmas morning.  Boots sub as stockings.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Korean Hooptie

Many Americans drive around beater cars while stationed in Korea for one-three years.  This is ours. 

It is a 1998(!!!) Hyundai Avante.  He is a manual.  He has a broken radio, a nearly dead battery, a missing visor (luckily I switched the passenger visor with the missing driver visor so we can be decently safe), and a broken piece of plastic in the steering wheel that rattles every time you turn.

I call him Dover.  When I drive up a hill and the car needs more power, I pat the dashboard and say with a British accent, "Come on Dover, come on Dover.  Come on Dover!  Move your blummin' ass!"  (Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Change of Command

Aaron got a new company commander today.  There has been a lot of hours put in to get ready to change commanders but it finally happened.  Phew, is there a break in sight?

Call me old fashioned but I love watching the soldiers stand at attention and pass the guidon (flag used to signify their unit) around.

Company standing at attention.  Isn't that a sweet background - the blackhawk they fly for medivac missions.
The soul purpose of this company.

Sargent Moore (holding the guidon), new commander Major Spangler (back toward us),
old commander Major Duryea, and battalion commander Colonel Cole  (facing guidon)