Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Korea

Ready for the holidays.  Simple.  Cause I've got nothing else.
Another make-shift Christmas tree.  This one is actually alive though, as oppsed to last Christmas (view here).
I had to use stakes to hold up the three ornaments in the tree.
Aaron and I played the special role of Mary and Joseph for our branch nativity.
Fooled ya - there is no baby Jesus, or any baby at all, in that blanket I'm holding.
But it was a very special evening.  And I was so happy to share it with my love.
Baking mini loaf for the soldiers.  Banana Bread and Double Chocolate flavor.
Aaron was so excited to package the loafs with a spritz cookie.  His grandma's recipe.

His Christmas tradition - Monopoly.
And he schooled me.  Old Mr. Potter takes the whole town.
Christmas morning.  Boots sub as stockings.

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