Friday, June 24, 2011

Mulberry Street Moment

I was happy to get up early than usual Sunday morning.  I knew it was going to be a good day; President Eyring and President Packard from the LDS church were coming to visit my humble church house to offer a dedicatory prayer on its building completion.  So when I woke up early, I was bright and happy.  I took a bowl of corn chex and milk out to the front porch and sat to enjoy the wonderful, sunny, and warm Sabbath weather.  I sat and enjoyed my cereal and the calm of the neighborhood. However I did notice some action taking place at house number six.  There were a couple of black vehicles with dark windows.  A black vehicle with dark windows was not uncommon for number six though, the mayor of New York City's mother lived there and would often visit by way of a black automobile.  However, it was unusual that two black vehicles were parked out front.  Next I noticed two men dressed in suits walking from the car to the house, still not unusual because the mayor would bring security guards.  But then I saw the men carry a stretcher into the house, now this was unusual.  Very unusual.  Like watching a movie, I sat waiting for the next scene.  What could be going on?  Five minutes later the two men in suits emerged from the house with the stretcher along with someone else riding covered in a red sheet.  And then the unusual activity made sense.  The mayor's mother, who celebrated her 102 birthday in January, had passed away sometime in the night.  The two men in suits and two vehicles with dark windows had been from the funeral home.  It's not everyday you have such a story - and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


KristiLyn and Vannessa came for a visit in May so we left town and spent a couple days in the Big Apple.  We had a great time!  Lots of fun memories.  Thanks ladies.

The Fung Wah bus that took us to and from NYC.  The trip took 4 hours and $15 one-way.

Vannessa's riding companion.  It was pretty funny especially when she was leaning into Vannessa and breathing really deep.

Chinatown dining, Dim Sum.  Really authentic.  We didn't actually know what we were eating.

Wicked on Broadway!

The New York Stock Exchange.  The New York Stock Exchange!

Do you see it??

People watching.  Very interesting people in New York.

New York City goods.  Shoes, and one pair sparkles.

I had to.  I got one of these hats the last time I visited New York.  I was almost two then.
This picture was taken in our Hostel.  Two person room, two beds (bunk beds that didn't detatch), three people.

Manhattan LDS Temple and Church - all in one.
Sunday stoll in Central Park

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Humid with a Chance of Sun

Check out the forecast for Tuesday....

Can the weather really be humid with sun?  Seems a bit backwards, shouldn't it be sun with humid?  Maybe there is an unpleasant surprise coming up on Tuesday.  We shall see.

Welcome Back Amy

It has been a long time since I've made continual posts due to email account mix ups and passwords.  I wanted to announce that I have returned!  Yippee!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Earthy Shish Kabobs

Yesterday I was feeling domestic.  I came home from work, went for a run,  nearly passed out, and started dinner preparations.  I cut the peppers, the onions, the Italian squash (What is zucchini?  The recipe asks for zucchini but I have never had any luck finding it in the market.  I don't think it exists.), and the chicken.  I alternatively speared the veggies between chicken for a total of six kabobs.  Marinated each skewer individually with a special marinade and took them out to grill.  Unfortunately, while I was preparing my kabobs, the barbecue decided to blow out its fire; so what I thought was a hot and ready grilling machine was a cold propane intensive explosive devise.  Oops.  Good thing there were no small with children playing with matches nearby, that could have lead to something much worse then a cold grill. I turned the propane off, let the grill air out a bit before I tried to ignite it a second time.  The ignition button on the barbecue gets stuck so I was rapidly pushing the button causing the entire grill to shake.  My kabobs were sitting and waiting patiently to be placed on the hot grill but my efforts of trying to ignite the barbecue caused a sad death of the kabobs.  The extreme shaking motion of igniting the grill cause the plate to slip off the grill deck and kabobs to land point-side-in the dirt.  There they were, in a straight line, all six of my lovely kabobs sticking straight out the ground like a couple of stakes pounded into the dirt.  Dang.

So what did I do?  I picked each kabob out of the ground, brushed it off a bit, cleared away as much mud as possible and put them on the grill once I got the stupid thing hot and ready.

I guess a bit of dirt never hurt anyone, right?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spectical Island

Just two goofs on an island in the Boston Harbor....

I love this video.  Watch Sara roll her eyes.

Hula hoops on the island.  And I'm actually making it work!  I was so pleased with myself.

Sara Leckie

Walking around the island

Plane coming in for a landing into Logan airport

Me and my peice of grass

Sara and Me

Goof and goofy

Odd and Odd-y

Craze and Crazy

Um and Um-y

What a goof

Gots hops