Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Story of Us

My life will forever be changed.  I met an incredible boy and we are getting married!

Here's how it all went down:

Uncle Greg Stuart mentions that he wants to line me up with one of his cadets from USU ROTC.  And asks permission to give the cadet my number.  Greg has done this several times before so I agreed without thinking of it again.  "If he is brave enough to call, I would be happy to go out with him."  

And sure enough Aaron, the cadet from USU, called!  He called in November 2012 but we actually didn't meet until January 2013.  During the first phone call, I thought he sounded 'nice' and seemed interesting enough but my response of, "if you are ever in Ogden, give me a call and we can meet up.  Or if I'm ever in Logan I will give you a call" made him think I wasn't anxious to actually meet him.  But low, the next time I was in Logan alone, I called him and arranged our first date.

We met for the first time in the institute building (how nerdy is that) on January 18, 2013.  I was nervous to meet him. What if he was awkward?  What if he was not attractive?  What if he was a scrawly little boy?  I was relieved when a handsome, well-bred, good-stature young man asked "Are you Amy?"  We went to lunch at Juniper Take-Out and talked for over an hour.  Conversation was fantastic; there was humor, there was great insight, there was interest.

I wanted to go out with Aaron again so I made arrangments to snowshoe a trail in Logan Canyon with additional friends.   He kept up with my high speed (bonus points) as we trumped up the mountain.  I planned to attend the USU Ag Chili Cook-Off with my family and invited him to come along too.  Little did he know that he would be meeting my family (oops, I must have forgotten to mention that detail that Major Dad, mom, sister, sister and brother-in-law would be there too, wink wink).  He passed the interigation test.

The next week, I met his sister, brother-in-law, brother, and soon-to-be-sister-in-law at a family dinner in Clearfield.  I passed that interigation test too.

More dates, I LIKE him MORE.  I leave fly to Massachusetts, we video-chat online, I like him EVEN MORE.  I come home, spend more time together, I like him A LOT more.  We kiss (finally).  We spend more time with each other, now I'm starting to LOVE him.  He gets ready to move to San Antonio for army trainings, now I REALLY LOVE him.  He asks me to drive down to San Antonio with him on Friday, we leave on Monday.  We spend a lot of time talking in the car and asking each other questions.  We discover are very similar and very compatible with each other.  Now I want to MARRY HIM.  We keep a long-distance relationship going.  We text/call/video-chat everyday.   We are in LOVE.

Now here is the good stuff (if you are someone who likes this gooshy kinda thing):

April 5, 2013
April 7, 2013
Our video-chat when he asks me "How do you feel about the military lifestyle?  Do you want to get married?"
"I would love that!  Yes, lets get married," was my reply.

When Aaron gave me the ring.  Now we can tell the world we are really getting married.

This is the engagement ring I put on hold at the jewelers for him but went off-hold and bought by 'someone else'.  He surprised me with the very ring!