Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We hosted our first of many Halloween Parties (at someone else's house because we don't have a place where anyone can sit... yet).  We prepared Minute to Win It games as entertainment and everyone brought a treat to share.

Here is how it went down.  As guests came in, we seperated them into four teams (each given a spider ring in a different color) and got a picture of each couple.  Eating should always be a first priority so we helped ourselves to the yummy food.  Minute to Win It games was next on the agenda.  I was the MCish, more like the commander, to introduce games.  Aaron and Chris prepared materials for each game.  Heather made and operated the blueprint and timer dvd (so awesome!).  The winning team got a candy prize.  After playing all the games, we had one final competition to choose best costume.  The evening ended with more treats and conversation.  It was a blast!

Games we played:

Hanky Panky (a favorite)
Candy Elevator
Chocolate Unicorn
Junk in the Trunk (my favorite)
Defying Gravity
Nose Dive
Elephant March
Suck It Up
Dizzy Mummy
Breakfast Scramble

Costumes ('highly encouraged' that everyone dress up):

Wolcotts: Your hosts, the burglers.
Casebolts: Vampire and Salem Witch (eek!)
Sister Missionaries: Witch and Kitty 
Burns: Japenese people (what are they called?) - check out the shoes!
Lambs: The Sims (this is awesome because he NEVER dresses up so this is an umbelievable event)
Careys: I Love Lamp from Anchorman
Elders: ?? Monsters??
Latins and Jeromes: Brilliant Dispicable Me Costumes! Gru, Minion, Dr. Nefario, and Vector
Nichols: Muchacho and her Pinata

Candy Elevator
Hanky Panky