Monday, November 1, 2010

Portland, Maine - 10.23.10

A small group of friends, being spontaneous, decided the best way to use our time was to drive up to Maine and check out a couple of lighthouses.  It took two hours to drive there, walked around the little cobble streets, window shopped (a little too upscale for my liking), ate my first ever New England Clam Chowda (as they say it), visited a couple lighthouses, and headed back home.  It was a really fun trip.

This is what they call a Water Taxi in Maine.  It is van attached to a boat - a little redneck if you ask me.

Harvard Pilgrim, the company I work for, has an office right off the wharf in downtown Portland.  Looking out the windows of the office you have a great view of the ocean and sailboats.

Head Light House.

Sarah Leckie and I #1

Sarah Leckie and I #2

Hooray!  Lighthouse!

Another one.  I don't remember the name of this lighthouse in York, ME.  York is another quaint town, I need to visit it in the daylight again.

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