Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boston's Science Museum 10.29.10

We had such a BLAST in the Science Museum this weekend!  We drew pictures of ourselves in the reflection of a large silver globe, we learned about astronauts, timed ourselves running, experimented with the science behind playgrounds, watched a birth (It was Justin's idea and he freaked out a little. Ha!), compared brain sizes among different animals, guessed what odd tools were used for (the apple picking tool honestly looked like a medieval butterfly catcher), and so much more.  If you haven't been to the Science Museum in Boston, grab a great friend and go!  You won't regret your decision.

Science Museum with Ashley, a friend visiting from DC.  Did I mention she is an AGGIE?!

Me, Justin, Kendell, and Ashley.  I got new boots, can you see them?

After the museum and a game of Rumikub (yes Taylor, I did win) we went on another little adventure.  Kendell showed us a never ending-slightly sloping-slick concrete floored hallway at MIT along with a rolling chair.  If you add up all those variable you get a GREAT TIME.

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