Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Racking leave with Adrienne in front of our lil house.

What better place to be on Halloween then the most famous halloween place in America (besides Sleepy Hallow) - SALEM among the witches.  That is right.  Me, who has only watched  five scary movies in her 23 years of life - two of which were so old they were in black and white.  And not only did I just go to Salem, I also went on a Haunted Tour around the city!  I know!!  I am getting so brave!  Honestly it wasn't too bad.  The only really creepy part was when we went to the sight of where the actual victims of the Salem Witch Trials were hung.  Eerie.
The only picture I got of us in Salem, MA.  I was too scared to take anymore pictures with the chance of having an oddly misty person in the background.

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