Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NEO Exercise

N - noncombatant
E - evacuation
O - operation

Every year, families stationed in Korea practice an evacuation drill in case of an emergency.  You practice fire alarms - we practice flee-country-as-fast-as-you-can drills.

The drill is actually a lot more simple than imagined and very well organized.  And fun!

Families are to bring 72-hour kits, special documents, and gas masks.  We meet at the post to get everything checked and cleared then we load up on Chinook helicopters and fly away.   I'm sure there are a number of important points I'm missing but you get the idea.

Waiting for our ride to land. 

The last seat = the best seat
You can see beautiful S. Korea from the back of the Chinook.
This solider pictured is a crew chief.  His job is to watch the tail end of the helicopter and to lift and lower the hoist.
Kind of awesome.
New profile pic.  Yes, please.

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