Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Conveniences of Korea, Part II

Not sure if this is a convenience -or- an inconvenience but I like this Korean custom.  I want to continue it in my own home.

It is customary to remove shoes when entering a home or restaurant (maybe because they sit on the floor?) but if you desire to still wear shoes then you can put on fancy slippers.  They are found at almost every store, including grocery stores, cost just a little, and help to keep the dirt from your home.  They are a comfy foam and very stylish, hehe.

Don't you think it goes well with camouflage?

Thursday night is PIZZA NIGHT!

This was my birthday present from Aaron.  And he got himself a matching pair.
You can't see it from the image, but the white strip says "I love Korea".  Yes.  Yes, we do.

Whenever Aaron gets new gear he gives me the pleasure of trying it all on.
This bullet-proof vest weighs about 40lbs.

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