Thursday, September 4, 2014

Korea - Apartment 301

We have moved into our fancy apartment.  No more living like nomads for us.

I would have never imagined we would be living in a four bedroom/two bath apartment with just the two of us.  Pretty cool.  I was thinking our living would be minimal and we would be squished into a small Asian apartment but that is not the case.  We have a room for guests, and an office, and a nursery (what???  this is no announcement).

 The army gives us $1,600 for living as a 2LT with family.  And every apartment we looked at happened to have the rent rate of $1,600.  Imagine that.  Not a problem.

We are very happy with our abode.  And I will be very happy when our stuff arrives.

The army gives us some loaner furniture while we are here.

The fancy kitchen.  And the pretty red refridgerator.

"We have a residence!"  kiss.

And soon we will no longer be living in suitcases.

We have a big tub and fancy shower head.
Too bad there hot water doesn't last long enough to enjoy it!

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