Saturday, September 8, 2012

To the Mothership!

Attention: Friends and Family -  I am moving to Utah.  Not sure how long I will be there but I have a couple of things to take care of while I am there.

Why?  I have been in New England for two years, working, playing, saving and I feel that I am in a good place and time to take action and accomplish some very important goals I have set for myself.

When?  I will be leaving New England in October after my little sisters fly to Boston.  We will spend a couple days around the city, visit the nieces, view some sights, pack the car and head West on a week-long cross country trip to Utah.

What?  Without going into too many specifics (you can ask me more details off-line) these are some of the objectives I have established for myself while I am at home:

1-   Write a book on Grandma Stuart’s life – pending project for the last six years that I am finally getting around to doing with Grandma.
2-   Start a travel agency – taking classes and certifications right now and hoping to be open to business by the end of the year!
3-   Accomplish some fitness goals – begin training for Ragnar relays (180 mile running relay races) and long bike rides, super-healthy eating, and taking a weekly yoga class.
4-  Get certified to become an aerobics instructor – been on my New Year’s Resolution list for the past four years; I think it is time to just do it.
5-   Take the GRE to apply for master’s program – wanting to get an MBA and I have a couple of schools in mind, most of which are in the West.
6-   Lots of Mormon boys are in Utah – did I really just add that to the list?  :)

After this is done, then what?  Good question.   The answer is TBD.  Maybe go back to school for an MBA right away or get job in Utah or back in Boston.

Moving forward....

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  1. Yay! I would love to get together sometime. I miss you! We have a lot to catch up on!