Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in Boston Prelude

Here are some of the Christmas festivities happening in and around Boston I attended.  Boston is definitely a magical city when all the Christmas decor gets put up.

The State House's roof with gold leafing all lit up.

Waiting the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Boston Commons.

And here it is - the Boston Common's tree. 
This tree actually comes to Boston from the people of Nova Scotia as a gift in return for the troops Boston sent up to help fight one of their battles in the 1800's. 

The Messiah sing.  First time I have ever been to one.  And it was a good thing I was sitting next to a girl who knew all the notes for the alto section or else I would have been totally lost.

Look at that temperature!!

Bunker Hill Monument all lit up with a fresh coat of snow.
Charlestown, MA.  I loved seeing the real pine bows hanging from door frames and banisters.  It looked so quaint.

Charlestown, MA again.  Isn't this place adorable!  I love the street lamps with wreaths hanging from them.  You can even see downtown Boston in the distance.  I love this little town; maybe one day I will leave here.

Those aren't Christmas lights.  Traffic.

I love giving gifts - Kemp and Joseph got tennis rackets and balls, Avy got a baby rocking chair, Tay and Ken got shirts and earrings, Mom got Anne of Green Gables with a trip itinerary for Prince Edwards Island, and Dad got a great little travel guide book of different trips in the New England area (I can say this now that Christmas is over and done with).

Cookie decorating for the holidays.

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