Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flat Tire - my first!

I treat my car just like it was my child - clean up after it, talk to it, make sure it is not hungry for petrol, etc.  And just like milestones in a child's life, for example, the excitement of losing the first tooth and wanting to take pictures; I do the same for the Dappled, taking pictures of its first flat tire.  But it was my first flat tire too.

After I discovered it was flat, I pulled out the back mat, the jack, and the tools to begin working.  It was kinda exciting fixing my own tire.

Mat on ground, jack in place, four of the five blots out....

This is where I got stuck for 20 minutes.  I couldn't get the blasted tire off the axle!  The owners manual said nothing (notice it on the ground). My mother said just kick the tire a bit and it should come right off, but my dainty shoes wouldn't allow me to give it a good kick.

Still stuck.

I had to call in reinforcement.  However, he did say among all the tires he had fixed that morning not one person attempted to fix it, and they were all guys!  Just goes to show - I am so tough.

1 comment:

  1. You tried your best, and that’s more than enough! Imagine, according to your “reinforcement” all the guys didn’t even bother to get dirty and touch the flat tire. While you, a lady, saw what you can do and tried to replace the flat tire. Good job for you!

    -Enoch Ross