Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catch Up - September 24 & 25

Lake Winnipesaukee - with Amanda Horrocks, Dad, and Bob Wiley (oops, I mean John the landlord)

Dad, John Huymans (my landlord who insisted on taking us around the island and out to dinner), Me, & Amanda

Riding in the back of John's going-out-to-dinner car. A white leather Cadillac.

"I'm sailing, I'm sailing!!"
Sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee - No, we did not have Bob tied to the mast but he was waiting at the dock when we came back in.  :)

First Matee hostin' ye mail sail - arrrr.

Second Matee breakin' ye rule by smilin'

Cap'in Dad. Ey Ey Cap'in!

So Amanda and I got the same shirt on our last trip together in Jackson Hole, WY and we couldn't help but by the same sweatshirt while in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.  Really now, who can break a great tradition like that?
And the sun was a lil bit bright, if you couldn't tell.  :)
And notice the boat in the background, almost entirely in full view, with the navy blue sail cover.  That was our boat, I mean ship - arrr.

John and Amy with a little gingerbread man from Yum Yum Bakery.

Now this is a good story. Bob, I mean John, drove us around in his Cadillac for hours.  He insisted on showing us all the great places around the Lake and all the famous people who live there- in private communities- with fences- and gates- and signs- and security systems- and guard dogs (ok, that last one was made up).  But we still went.  And this was John's justification for driving down these rich and famous private driveways "Oh, anyone can put up one of those signs."

We met up with KJA later that day.  I had much to fun feeding Avy lemons.

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