Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kenneth F. Stuart

My dear grandpa Kenny passed away.  After nearly five years of failing health we was finally taken from this life.  There was a was a wonderful funeral - and I was so happy that I could attend!  All they way from Korea.

I took a Space-A flight, costing me $30, to Seattle.  And another flight, a lot more than $30, to Salt Lake City.  And while I'm back in the states, I might as well skip over to New England.

Grandpa and grandma from long ago.  Grandma has changed but grandpa always looks the same.

The eight grandsons were the pallbearers.
And the twelve granddaughters were the honorary pallbearers.
Special tribute from three of grandpa's sons; Major Stuart, Colonel Stuart, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart.
This was my favorite part of the funeral to see them give military honors to their father.
Jeff, the highest ranking of the three, presented the flag to grandma and said something like this.. "On behalf of a grateful nation, we present this flag to you..."  Jeff was speaking softly in order to fight back tears but grandma kept pulling his head in closer so she could hear.  Ha!  It made me chuckle.  And cry.  And burst with pride.
I am very pleased and honored to be part of a military family.

The view across from our house.  Nothing beats home.  Especially in the autumn.

Head light house, Kittery, ME
Grandma and Sadie

Puppy Avannie for Halloween.
She would wear her costume for the neighbors but refused to wear it to her school party.  Why?  I'm not sure.

Penguin Sadie

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