Sunday, August 31, 2014

Conveniences of Korea

This will probably be an ongoing post as I discover the things Koreans do right.  Or at least right in my perception, others may disagree.

For now I have discovered the following:

- Handrails are at a perfect height for a 5'4" frame.  They are easy to grab and perfectly situated in case a fall may occur.  Luckily I have had no fall but if I do I will be happy to know the Koreans have thought of this little but important feature of staircases.

- Again, sinks in restrooms are at a great height for small folks.

- At my former residence in Alabama we had a toilet that stood so tall off the ground that my feet would dangle as I sat upon the throne.  This is not the case in Korea.  My feet sit comfortably, flat and firmly upon the ground as I do my business.

But even better are the toilets that you don't even have to sit upon!  This may not go over so well in a household residence but it is a marvelous idea for a public restroom.  Yes, yes, yes Korea!

- If the 5'4" frame is not doing you any good, then you can purchase shoes with two-inch souls to make you even taller... for $10!

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