Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Southern Sightseeing - Part I

I love being a tourist is my own backyard.  Although, there really isn't much to see in my backyard so we have to drive a couple hours to get somewhere worth seeing.  But look at what I did find in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida:

I love the wallpaper in this old 1800's Montgomery house.
An orange tree!
This picture is posted to show you the deserted streets of the Alabama's capitol city on a Saturday afternoon.
This place was empty, eerie-empty.
Come to find out University of Alabama and Auburn University had football games going on at the same time.
Now that makes sense.  No one was to be seen anywhere!
First White House of the Confederate States of America.
This was the house of Jefferson Davis.
Camping in February with my honey.  It was cold!  But fun.
Oh, the beach.  Love the beach!
Montgomery zoo.
Hiking the Appalachian Approach Trail in Georgia.
Southern cookin': biscuits and gravy, cheese grits, and fried okra.
And the beach again (in March).  I love the beach.

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