Wednesday, July 31, 2013

He Survived, Escaped, Ran-Away, and Evaded

I don't think 'Ran-Away' is the right word that fits in the SERE acronym.  But it has something to do with survival.

Aaron took a three week survival training at Ft. Rucker.  During those three weeks, Aaron learned survival skills.  He had to march around the woods for several days, hunt for food, and use a map and compass to find his way back while it rained everyday.

During those three weeks, we could not see or speak with each other.  It was a long three weeks.

Aaron came home on Sunday, 10lbs lighter, worn out.  He was happy to see me, happy to have food, happy to sleep in a bed, and happy to be out of the rain!

My survior man... with his "SEREstache" (yuck).... in front of his sign.

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