Monday, May 13, 2013


With all the rush of big events in the near future (wedding and mission).  We decided to leave it all at home while we took a very quick trip to Seattle and back over Mother's Day weekend.

Friday - Left Uintah and drove to Richland, WA.  Stayed with some family friends for the night.
Saturday - Made it to Seattle.  Pikes place market, Underground Tour (so fun), and Mariner's baseball game.
Sunday - Visited the gates of Ft. Lewis (couldn't get on post without proper IDs) and drove home.

Richland, WA temple
Taylor.  Goofy.

Pikes place flower market
Mariners baseball game
Amazing veiw at the Mariners game

And an even lovelier veiw
My place of birth
Gorgeous view of Columbas River.

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