Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Good Times Never Seemed So Good!"

Taybabe was in town this past week.  We made the most of her time in Boston.

Wednesday night: I took Tay to my favorite greek eatery, the Greek Corner.  It was so good!  So filling.  Even with a full stomach, we found ourselves on Harvard campus doing cartwheels in the middle of a courtyard.  On the way back to my home we stopped by the market and picked up a couple of single serving Hood Ice Creams - not just any regular flavor, these were specially designed flavors - Fenway Fudge and Green Monster Mint (had to start getting ourselves excited for upcoming events).

View of Harvard from the footbridge

Thursday night: Picked Tay back up from Kemp's and took her to the North End.  It was Regina's Pizza (specialty flavor) for dinner and canolis (lemon and peanut butter) from Mike's Pastry for dessert.  Another night with a full tummy, full of wheat.  So good!

Friday night: Tay and I attempted to take Avy to the Children's Museum.  Unfortunately Avy didn't make it out of the car before she fell asleep.  Instead of the museum we just went to my home and read a couple stories to her and watched a movie while we ate left over pizza and canolis until Kemp and Joseph came back from the Celtics game.  Joseph left Kemp and took Avy back home.... ugh.  I feel like I'm beginning to blabber on this post.
Saturday:  RED SOX vs YANKEES!!  Kemp, Tay and I woke up early and headed downtown on the T.  Arrived in time for a tour of Fenway Park ($12 and well worth it).  Being the tour junkie that I am, I took notes.  I've got walking backwards perfected from my past touring responsibilites, so all I need now is the Fenway jacket and I am good to go.  :)   It was a PERFECT day for a baseball game.  We had bleacher seats, a great view of the field, lots of good neighbors sitting nearby, Fenway franks, peanuts and crakerjacks (I was sure to have 'em), score cards, warm tempetures, shining sun, Boston Red Sox, and Derek Jeter (did that just come from me?).  Even though the Red Sox didn't win (final score 9-4) I can't complain about the perfect day.

Amy, Kemper, Taybabe in outside of the park

Looking over Yewkey road from Fenway.

Behold, Fenway Park!  Built in 1912.

Taylor next to the seat where Ted Williams, former player, hit the longest home run in Fenway.  They know this because a man from New York was sleeping in the seat when the ball dropped.  Headlines  in the paper the next day said, "Williams knocks sense into Yankee Fan."

Fenway Franks


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