Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Beginning....

GF-Peanut Butter-Bar-Birthday Concoction made by Kemp - yum.  Notice the sparkler as the candle?

Welcome to my FIRST-EVER blog!  I am excited to start sharing little insights to my day and keep you updated on what is happening in my life as a New Englander.

Today is my birthday. Twenty-three little ones to be exact.  And it has been an extraordinary day - thank you to my family for sending me the gluten-free treats and figurine, my sister for making me a scrumptious lunch, coworkers for celebrating with rice crispy treats, grandma for the card, and friends for surprising me last night with cake and ice-cream! Really, I am so blessed with wonderful people surrounding me always.

Surprise!!  [Top R-L: Will, Alexandra, Sofia, Camilla, Ty; Bottom: Me and Sara]

No luck lighting the sparkler candle. I guess there is just too much wind in the parking lot of work. Ha!

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